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  • Foldable Dog Pool Pet Bath Swimming Tub Bathtub Outdoor

    Foldable Dog Pool Pet Bath Swimming Tub Bathtub Outdoor Indoor Collapsible Bathing Pool For Dogs Cats Kids Pool

    Overview: Portable and Simple: You don’t have to worry about inflating or complex setup instructions- Just unfold it and fill it with water. When it is finished, it could be folded up pretty small for easy storage and carry with you everywhere. Sturdy and Durable: Made of EXTRA Tough PVC exterior and fiberboard inside. The corners are well-sealed and bound to prevent breakage and Leakage. It will stand up even with a large dog playing in it. Cool and Fun: Splash in the pool. Let your dog enjoy his own pool to play in is the greatest way to help them to beat the heat during the hot summer. Your dog might jump in and out to his content and lie down for a long soak. Multiple Purpose: It helps keep your dog cool in a swimming pool. Plus, it can be used as a dog bath, outdoor cat\dog pool, collapsible dog bathtub, fish pond, toddler\baby bath, kids play pool, outdoor water pond, sandbox, or ball pit. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Available Size and Easy Maintenance: It comes in 2 sizes with 32” X8” and 48”x12” to accommodate small to large dogs. Both of the sizes are equipped with a drain makes it easy to empty the pool quickly whenever your canine is done with it. Product information:Material: PlasticProduct Category: Other cleaning and beauty productsSpecifications: blue water pattern 80*20cm, blue water pattern 120*30cm, blue water pattern 160*30cm, red ocean wave 80*20cm, red ocean wave 120*30cm, red ocean wave 160*30cm Packing list:  Pet bath × 1

    $53.10 - $137.55

  • Vocal Dog Toothbrush Toy

    Vocal Dog Toothbrush Toy

    Product Name: Talking Dog Toothbrush ToyProduct color: blue green yellowProduct material: TPRProduct weight: 160g


  • Vent Toy Sucker Cleaning Dog Toothbrush

    Vent Toy Sucker Cleaning Dog Toothbrush

    Product Information:Product Category: Biting ToysMaterial: TPRSpecifications: small molar rods, large molar rodsColor: greenFeatures: Use soft, tough and wear-resistant TPR materialChew toys help your dog clean his teeth and prevent tartarThere is a suction cup at the bottom, which can be firmly fixed on the floorGreat toy for pets to relax and playPacking List:Silicone dog toy x1

    $6.60 - $9.65

  • Three Sided Pet Toothbrush Dog Brush Bad Breath Tartar Teeth

    Three Sided Pet Toothbrush Dog Brush Bad Breath Tartar Teeth Care

    Overview: Three-sided toothbrush design, no need to clean the pet teeth in all directions, suitable for different teeth and mouth needs, clean pet teeth, prevent tartar effectively brush the dirt on pet teeth, keep the mouth clean Specification:Product Category: ToothbrushFunction: Gum careColor: green blue-purple, white, orangeMaterial: PP+TPR+nylon wireSzie: 17.1*2.3*2.3cmWeight: 28g Package Content:1 x Toothbrush

    $9.80 - $19.00

  • The New Dog Toothbrush Dog Molar Teeth Cleaning Stick

    The New Dog Toothbrush, Dog Molar Teeth Cleaning Stick, Leaking Food Device, Bite Resistant Dog Toy

    Product information:Pattern: PlainProduct category: Bite toysMaterial: RubberWeight: 165gItem No.: Suction Cup Molar RodPacking quantity: 100Specifications: blue, red, green, light greenSize: 6.5*14.5CMFunction: Molar and clean teeth, resistance to bite and wear, interaction with pets, remove tartarThe new dog toothbrush, dog molar teeth cleaning stick, leaking food device, bite resistant dog toy


  • Teeth Cleaning Dog Toothbrush Sucker Molar Stick Dog Bite

    Teeth Cleaning Dog Toothbrush Sucker Molar Stick Dog Bite Toy

    Product information:Product Category: Sounding ToysMaterial: TPRWeight: 150gSpecifications: Lake blue, green, yellowFor puppies and adults: Molar teethIndependent packaging: independent cartonSerrated teeth can better clean up the stones and dirt in the dog's molars.This product is suitable for various small, medium and large dog breeds (including ferocious dogs).

    $19.06 - $44.06

  • Super Soft Pet Finger Toothbrush Cleaning Supplies

    Super Soft Pet Finger Toothbrush Cleaning Supplies

    Product function:  It can be worn on the fingers to clean the newborn's mouth. The head of the toothbrush is round with soft bristles on one side. The bristles are also made of silicone, which is very soft, so you don’t have to worry about scratching your child when cleaning the mouth.product information:Material: Silicone[Size] The pp box is 7cm in length, 4.1cm in width and 2.8cm in height Use age: start to grow deciduous teeth (6-8 months) until you can use a children's toothbrush (about 2 and a half years old)packing list:1*toothbrush

    $3.96 - $10.21

  • Super Soft Pet Finger Toothbrush

    Super Soft Pet Finger Toothbrush

    Super Soft Pet Finger Toothbrush Teddy Dog Brush Bad Breath Tartar Teeth Tool specifications:   100% brand new and high quality  Material: Silica gel  Size: 5.4 * 2.5 cm Inside diameter: 2 cm  Applicable objects: cat and dog  Usage: clean the pet teeth  clean the mouth, remove food residues, clean and hygienic remove bad breath and keep it cool sturdy teeth, prevent the disease  package contents: 1 Pcs pet toothbrush

    $2.00 - $2.10

  • Silicone Pet Toothbrush Dog Tooth Stick Brush

    Silicone Pet Toothbrush Dog Tooth Stick Brush

    Overview:- This dog toothbrush is made of natural rubber which is non-toxic and eco-friendly.- Soft designed to be safe for your dog's gums, and it will not hurt your dog's health and helps them to clean their teeth and protect them from oral diseases.- The toothbrush can 360 degrees all-around teeth cleaning in your dog's mouth deeply.- Encourage your pet to clean his teeth every day to prevent serious health problems.- Sweet smell to attract pets to chew the brush, which can save energy and time to help dogs brush teeth. Specification:Material: Natural RubberSize:L: 12.8*18.1*5.8 cm M: 10*14.5*4.8 cmS: 8.3*11.7*3.8 cm Blue-green XS:7*3*10 Package Content:1 x toothbrush

    $2.80 - $30.00

  • Pet Toothbrush Three-piece Set Double-headed -

    Pet Toothbrush Three-piece Set, Double-headed

    Product information:[Product Name]: Three-piece Pet Toothbrush[Commodity packaging]: Blister paper card[Commodity color]: Multi-color mixed hair[Product introduction]: Three-piece pet toothbrush set, including one dual-head pet toothbrush and two pet finger brushes. The big head brushes the front teeth and the small head brushes the back teeth, specially designed for pets. Finger toothbrushes-one is a latex massage head and the other is a brush design. Consistently brushing your dog's teeth can effectively prevent dental calculus and gingivitis, and can eliminate bad breath![Product Specifications]: 21cm in total length, including one double-head brush and two finger brushes, weighing 45g Package: Pet toothbrush X1


  • Pet toothbrush dog grinding toothbrush - Black / S

    Pet toothbrush dog grinding toothbrush

    Pet toothbrush dog grinding toothbrushColor: blue/green/blackL: 12.8*18.1*5.8cm   280g5.04*7.14*2.3inM: 10*14.5*4.8  cm    180g4.03*5.71*1.9inS:  8.3*11.7*3.8 cm    82g3.28*4.64*1.5in

    $8.00 - $17.50

  • Pet Supplies Vocal Pet Dog Teething Stick Cleaning Dog

    Pet Supplies Vocal Pet Dog Teething Stick Cleaning Dog Toothbrush Vent Chewing Dog Toy

    Product Information Product category: bite toysMaterial: TPR Height: 186mmMaximum diameter: 61mmWeight: 130g


  • Pet Supplies Toothbrush Nylon Silk Dog Paw Print Oral

    Pet Supplies Toothbrush Nylon Silk Dog Paw Print Oral Cleaning

    Product information: Material: The handle is plastic PP, and the bristles are nylonSize: 22*1.8cm Features:  Beautiful appearance, easy to brush teeth for all kinds of dogs   Packing list: Plastic toothbrush*1 Product Image:  


  • Pet Supplies Three-head Toothbrush Oral Cleaning

    Pet Supplies Three-head Toothbrush Oral Cleaning

    Product information: Product Category: ToothbrushFunction: Remove tooth stainsColor: grass green, dark green, yellow-black, blue-red, orangeMaterial: plasticApplicable object: generalSpecification: 175x24x15mm Size Information:Packing list: Plastic pet toothbrush*1 Product Image:


  • Natural silicone finger toothbrush

    Natural silicone finger toothbrush

    Name: Finger ToothbrushSize: 5.5*2.2CMMaterial: Silicone

    $1.10 - $2.55

  • Dog molar stick

    Dog molar stick

    Material: Silicone: The bone-shaped dog toothbrush attracts the attention of the dog and is ideal for grinding teeth, chewing and cleaning teeth.2 360 degree comprehensive cleaning: toothbrush like bone, bristles on all sides, attracting dogs to clean teeth3Easy to use: You can squeeze the dog's toothpaste into the top hole, and then the toothpaste will flow out of the hole, making it easier to clean the dog's teeth. 4. Soft silicone material: designed to protect your dog's gums safely. Peaks vary in size and angle, which helps to eliminate any plaque or tartar that accumulates in the teeth and protect them from oral diseases.

    $20.00 - $41.90

  • Dog Corn Molar Stick Chew Resistant Toy

    Dog Corn Molar Stick Chew Resistant Toy

    Product information: Material: plasticWeight: 120gDimensions: 111x56mmSpecifications: Corn molar stickType: Dog toy Corn simulation model dog toothbrush, newly designed pet molar channel, can have a better cleaning effect on pet dog's sharp teeth, molars and incisors. Built-in sound device, pets will make a whistle sound when they bite this product, thereby increasing pets' interest in using it. The bottom suction cup design can be adsorbed on any surface and can be fixed in a certain area for pets to use, which also makes pets use this product. It is convenient for two front paws to control this product. Packing list: Toy*1

    $9.20 - $27.00

  • Dog cat tartar cleaning tool

    Dog cat tartar cleaning tool

    Overview: 1. This is a pet tooth whitening pen kit-2 pens-the white pen can penetrate into the gums, remove stains on calculus and stubborn teeth, soften calculus, make calculus fall off and fall off, and have blue pen teeth Nursing formula, comprehensive care for the oral cavity and gums, anti-anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, repair gums, strengthen teeth, make teeth brighter and whiter, containing natural plant fresh oral formula, make the mouth fresh and natural.2. Soft brush design is safe for pets.3. Non-slip design facilitates your operation and helps you maintain healthy teeth and a happy lifestyle for your pet.4. Small head, suitable for hard to reach places.5. It can also prevent bad breath, repair and relieve pain, and protect the mouth. Specifications: style:A Two dentist pens B:Two teether + toothbrush C:toothbrush Note:1. Due to manual measurement, please allow a difference of 1-3 cm, for different color differences please allow 3-5 grams.2. Due to screen differences, colors may differ from what you expect, please allow. Package Content: Beautiful teeth + clean teeth 5ml, orBeautiful teeth + cleaning teeth 5ml + tools        

    $3.00 - $26.20

  • 1 random color toothbrush pet plush dog brush in addition

    1 random color toothbrush pet plush dog brush in addition to bad breath tartar dental care dog cat cleaning supplies

    This 1 random color toothbrush pet plush dog brush is perfect for completing your pet’s dental care needs! It not only helps combat bad breath and reduce tartar buildup but also serves as the perfect way to keep your pet’s teeth clean. Let your pet have fun while brushing their teeth with this ultra soft plush material that provides maximum comfort for your pet. Keep your pup’s breath fresh and their teeth sparkling clean with this amazing pet cleaning supply! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to provide your furry friend the excellent oral hygiene they need and deserve! Shop now! 41

    $13.30 - $78.75

  • Pet Cat Dog Foot Clean Cup Cleaning Tool Silicone Washing

    Pet Cat Dog Foot Clean Cup Cleaning Tool Silicone Washing Brush Paw Washer

    Overview:1. Does your dog always mess up your floor? do not worry! This paw cleaning cup is exactly what they need!2. No more dirty floors!3. Dogs will get dirty, they don't care about tracking the dirt in your house at all. It seems that dog paws are designed to capture as much dirt, dirt and grass as possible.4. Use his paws to clean the cup and be especially careful with your dog to clean his small paws.5. Just add some water and introduce your dog's paws, then just press the handle three to five times and the cup brush will start to rotate.6. Your dog's paws will glow in a few seconds!7. If your dog's dirty paws darken your floor, please control the situation and end the paw print parade.Features:1. 360-degree clean, soft silicone bottom2. Press the handle to automatically rotate3. Easy and convenient, the bifurcated brush head4. Double cleaningProduct information:Name: Pet foot washing cup Material: ABS engineering plastic, silver ion antibacterial silicone brush Size: 152.5mm(L)*91mm(W)*131.5mm(H) Color: pink, blueSuitable for: small and medium-sized dogs and catsNotice:1. When putting in clean water, do not fill the cup too full, because the water in a clean cup can easily overflow. Please refer to the water level line outside the clean cup for filling.2. Please check if your pet's nails are too long before cleaning, so as not to affect the use.3. When cleaning, the wolf toe should be aimed at the crack of the lid. The silicone pad at the bottom can help further clean the soles of the feet.4. After cleaning, wipe off the excess water on the silicone asphalt sheet outside the sole of the foot and dry it with a towel.5. Before washing your feet, you can appropriately use the dog's favorite food as an inducement to increase the pet's interest. When the action is completed, give food as comfort and encouragement!Package Contents:1 x foot cleaning cup

    $43.65 - $49.30

  • Pet Paw Cleaner Cleaning Kit Cup Soft Brush Can

    Pet Paw Cleaner Cleaning Kit Cup Soft Brush Can

    Overview:- Specially designed for pets to facilitate them cleaning their paws when their paws are so dirty and will dirty your house.- This can include a soft brush inside and will clean their paws thoroughly and will not make them feel uncomfortable, also can be taken out to clean, in hygiene.- The efficient and convenient design will offer pets clean paws and you do not need to afraid that their paws will smear your home ground.- A deep and rotating design will clean the pet's paws in all directions.- High quality and durable, easy to assemble and disassemble, and 3 colors can be optional. Specification:Material: PPType: Pet Cleaning KitColor: Light Green, Orange, Sky BlueSize: As Picture shows. Package Content:1 x Cup Note:The mini is suitable for small dogs such as dogs, cats and rabbits of 3-15 kg.Small for 15-35 kg medium petsLarge size for 40-80 kg large pets Everyone orders according to needs, dog foot-washing artifact

    $9.15 - $38.05

  • Pet Diapers Containing Carbon Water-absorbing

    Pet Diapers Containing Carbon, Water-absorbing And Deodorizing Dog Diapers

    Product information: Material: Pure wood pulpSpecifications: Small 100 pieces (large 50 pieces) (20 pieces)Applicable object: DogPacking quantity (pieces): 20 pieces/50 pieces/100 piecesProduct classification: changing pads/diapers Specification:S: (Small 100 pieces): (33*45cm)L: (Large size 50 pieces): (45*60cm)XL: (large size 20 pieces): (60*90cm) Packing list: Changing pad*1


  • Potty Training Aid - default

    Potty Training Aid

    Potty Training Aid  


  • Pet Toilet With Wall Urinal Potty Fixed Point Urination Dog

    Pet Toilet With Wall Urinal Potty Fixed Point Urination Dog Toilet

    Product information Product category: pet toiletProduct material: plasticApplicable object: DogProduct size: length*width*height: 34*47*4.5cm, wall: length*height: 32.5*19.5cmProduct specifications: small with wall Packing list Pet toilet *1

    $38.01 - $38.66

  • PET Dog Toilet Puppy Dog Potty Tray Indoor Litter Boxes

    PET Dog Toilet Puppy Dog Potty Tray Indoor Litter Boxes

    OverviewThe perfect solution for puppy training no more wet newspaper or expensive training pads. Specification Color: pink, light green, blueSize: 47*34*5cmMain material: PP environmental protection materialAntibacterial material: BiocleanAct Package Content1*Pet Toilet


  • Flat Pet Toilet Dog Potty With Lawn Trumpet

    Flat Pet Toilet Dog Potty With Lawn Trumpet

    Overview: 1.【Comfortable Grass】It is an excellent substitute for puppy pee pads.The soft artificial grass looks like real grass and is very attractive to dogs.2.【Great Training Potty & Take Care of Your Pets】 Our dog potty training grass mat can sprinkle the dog pee on the grass pad tray naturally. 3.【Perfect Small Space & Indoor/Outdoor】This portable dog grass pet mat and tray system can provide a comfortable place for your pet to lighten up their tired indoors. Specification: [Product name]: pet toilet[Product weight]: 1.1 kg (including color box), 0.9 kg (without color box)[Product material]: ABS[Product size]: 46.5*34.5*6.5cm[Lawn size]: 38*25cm Packing Content: Grid toilet*1 Simulation lawn*1 Product Image:

    $3.70 - $14.20

  • Dog Toilet Puppy Dog Supplies Teddy Dog Urinal Potty Golden

    Dog Toilet Puppy Dog Supplies Teddy Dog Urinal Potty Golden Hair Puppies

    OverviewSuper corrosion resistance.Antibacterial material, extraordinary antibacterial deodorant effect, safe non-toxic.No deformation, 120 kilos of the dog stand up all right.Safe and durable, smooth surface, non-toxic and tasteless, durable.Easy to train, in line with the dog toilet habit.Home health, to prevent the breeding of bacteria, causing harm to their families.The fixed-point toilet, so that dogs are used to a fixed position, easy to clean. Specifications: material: plastic Product Category: Other cleaning beauty productsWhether to import: NoNumber of cases: 5Whether the patent source: NoSpecifications: (without the wall) bitch small pink, (without the wall) female dog large pink, (without the wall) bitch small blue, (without the wall) female dog large blue, (with wall) Dog small pink, (with the wall) male dog large pink, (with the wall) male dog small blue, (with wall) male dog large blue, (accessory) single wallItem No.: JXCW22BP130 plate (small): 50*38*3.5cmBP131 tablet (large): 67*52*3.5cmWall: 43.5*25*3.8cm Package Content1*Pet toilet      

    $27.05 - $50.65

  • 3 Layers Large Dog Pet Potty Training Pee Pad Mat Puppy Tray

    3 Layers Large Dog Pet Potty Training Pee Pad Mat Puppy Tray Grass Toilet Simulation Lawn For Indoor Potty Training Pet Supply

    Specifications:  Material: PP (Polypropylene) + Simulation lawnSize: Approx. 47*34*5 cmColor: red  Package Content: 1 x Dog Pet Pee Pad Overview: Perfect for indoor potty training, odour free.Great for pets that are kept home all day or can't go outdoors.Realistic synthetic grass helps your pet find right spot every time.Simulate the lawn and let the dog feel the closeness of nature outdoors.Anti-microbial and odor resistant three tier system traps pet liquids in base.


  • Silicone Dog Paw Washer Cup

    Silicone Dog Paw Washer Cup

    Overview:1. Convenient to use: directly squeeze out hand sanitizer, convenient and quick, easy to rinse2. Soft and gentle: There are many soft silicone bristles in the foot-washing cup, which are both soft and clean3. Silicone material: non-toxic and environmentally friendly, good elasticity and toughness, easy to clean Specification:Material: SiliconeColor: pink, blue, green Product SizeS cup: upper mouth diameter 9CM, lower mouth diameter 7.5CM, height 11.3CMM/L cup: the diameter of the upper mouth is 9.8CM, the diameter of the lower mouth is 8.5CM, and the height is 15CMXL cup: upper mouth diameter 11.3CM, lower mouth diameter 9.3CM, height 22.4CM Package Content:1 x Cup

    $9.60 - $33.35

  • Portable Pet Paw Cleaner Cup Soft Silicone Comb

    Portable Pet Paw Cleaner Cup Soft Silicone Comb

    Overview: 100% new design and high qualityEasy to useRemovable and washableEasy to disassemble and wash, convenient maintenanceSoft silicone for deep cleaning Specification:Color classification: small foot-washing cup (gray), small foot-washing cup (green), small foot-washing cup (powder), large foot-washing cup (green)Applicable objects: dogMaterial : PP + TPRItem Type: Pet Foot Washer CupColor: Gray, Pink, BlueSize: S, L Package Content:1x Variant  

    $16.75 - $28.50

  • Portable Pet Cup Drinker

    Portable Pet Cup Drinker

    Specifications: Material: plastic Color: blue, pinkCapacity: 350ML;600ML Features: 1. Use stretch cover and waterproof design, good sealing, easy to use 2. Press the button to discharge water, which can be operated with one hand and designed for reflux 3. Easy to carry and store 4. Safe and high-quality materials, non-toxic and odorless, anti-fall and anti-bite


  • Pet Foot Washing Cup New Dog Foot Washing Cup Pet Cleaning

    Pet Foot Washing Cup New Dog Foot Washing Cup Pet Cleaning Toiletries

    Product information: material: plasticProduct Category: Other cleaning and beauty productsWhether to import: NoPacking quantity: 80Specifications: small, largeItem No.: green, pink, grayWhether the cross-border export special source of supply: Yes Size Information:Packing list: Pet foot washing cup*1 Product Image:

    $9.30 - $13.30

  • Pet electronic fence

    Pet electronic fence

    Material: Plastic Six characteristics!1. Invisible environmental protection – the wires are buried underground, do not occupy the place, do not affect the appearance, give the dog more freedom.2. Progressive tone stimulation - When the dog approaches the border, a warning sound is first heard. If you continue to approach, the system will have a slight impact.3, pulse proportional stimulation - human high-tech design, the vibration intensity depends on the distance of the dog near the boundary line, the closer the dog is to the boundary line, the greater the vibration intensity.4, built-in speed detector - the faster the dog moves, the higher the level of intensity.5, a wide range of control - up to 5,000 square meters, equivalent to a football field is so big, and variable range, quite flexible.6. Safe and Reliable - Once the wires buried in the ground are damaged, the wire damage indicator will give a loud warning and flash. And the lightning protection device on the converter can avoid lightning strikes.

    $61.80 - $88.15

  • Pet Dog Foot Care Cleaning Products Silicone

    Pet Dog Foot Care Cleaning Products Silicone

    Overview:1. Easy to use and carry, The dog paw cleaner advantages are very easier to disassemble and install than other cup cleaner and will not tip over than soft cup, which make it easier to use. 2. Completely safe and painless, The dog paw washer use environmentally-friendly silicone bristles, soft and elastic.3. Dog foot washer cup perfect for Dog parents who are sick of muddy floors.Specification: Material: SiliconeProduct Category: Other cleaning and beauty productsNo. S Product weight: 0.91kgNo. M Product weight: 0.91kgNo. L Product weight: 0.6kgSize: 9x13.7x9cm Packing Content: Silicone foot washing cup*1 Product Image:

    $8.55 - $15.05

  • Pet Cleaning Daily Necessities Outing Portable Silicone Foot

    Pet Cleaning Daily Necessities Outing Portable Silicone Foot Washing Cup

    Product information:Material: SiliconeProduct Category: Other cleaning and beauty productsItem No.: Green, BlueProduct Name: Cute Pet Silicone Foot Washing CupMaterial: Food grade siliconeNet weight: 108gSize: 12.5*9cmPacking method: Single zipper frosted bag


  • One-key Automatic Cleaning Supplies For Pet Foot Washing

    One-key Automatic Cleaning Supplies For Pet Foot Washing Cups

    Product information: Material: SiliconeProduct Category: Cleaning and Beauty ProductsSpecifications: Footwashing cup white, footwashing cup pink, footwashing cup blue, footwashing cup blackProduct size: 10.5*9.8*18.5cm Packing list: Foot washing cup*1

    $85.15 - $95.75

  • Dog Paw Cleaner Cup Soft Silicone Combs Pet Foot Washer Cup

    Dog Paw Cleaner Cup Soft Silicone Combs Pet Foot Washer Cup Paw Clean Brush Quickly Wash Dirty Cat Foot Cleaning Bucket

    Overview:Press the handle and rotate automatically360 rotation without dead angleSpecifications:Material: plasticSize: [inner diameter 5cm, outer diameter 9.5cm] suitable for small and medium-sized dogsPackage Content: 1 x Pet foot-washing cup


  • Dog foot washing cup cleaning product cat paw washer

    Dog foot washing cup cleaning product cat paw washer

    Specification: small for 0-20 Jin and large for 21-200 JinColor: green, pink, blueSize: small cup bottom 7cm, cup mouth 9cm, height 15.5cm; large cup bottom 8cm, cup mouth 11cm, height 16.5cm

    $12.25 - $21.65

  • Dog Foot Artifact Machine Electric Pet Cat Foot Cleaner Cup

    Dog Foot Artifact Machine Electric Pet Cat Foot Cleaner Cup

    Product information: Type: Pet Foot WasherProduct size: 115mm*155mm*200mmProduct net weight: 725gRated voltage: DC 3.7VPower: 4WCurrent: 500MA A: Footwasher within M40 kg, foot circumference <12cmB: Footwasher L40 kg-80 kg, foot circumference <20cmC: footwasher M+ nail clippersD: Foot Washer L+Nail ClippersE: Footwasher M+ Electric nail polisherF: Foot Washer L+ Electric Nail Polisher

    $115.32 - $206.97

  • Three-layer Waterproof Pet Absorbent Pad

    Three-layer Waterproof Pet Absorbent Pad

    Overview: Absorb water and keep urine clean and warmWarm and comfortable, soft, reusableStrong water absorption, instantly absorbs water. The urinary barrier layer does not leak water, does not ball, has strong wrinkle resistance, does not crease and curls, and prevents side leakage.Four-layer dirt-resistant pet changing padIndirect compounding adopts multi-layer separation compound jointing process, no layering, durable Product information:Product Name: Pet Care Waterproof DiaphragmWashing: water washing, machine washingMaterial: The first layer: 100% polyester raised cloth, the second layer: polyester fiber, the third layer: PVC waterproof layer.Selling point: strong water absorption, instant water absorption. The urinary barrier layer does not leak water, does not ball, has strong wrinkle resistance, does not crease and curl, and prevents side leakage.Object: It can be used for dogs, cats and other large and small animals Mattress size: 40*60/70*80/80*90Inner packing: PE bag Package:Urinary isolation mattress*1

    $12.50 - $37.85

  • Pet urine pad dog urine pad deodorant absorb water urine not

    Pet urine pad dog urine pad deodorant absorb water urine not wet

    Material: Non Woven Product Classification: Urine Pad / Diaper Specification: Blue, Pink Article No.:  XS 45 * 33cm 20 Pieces,  S 45 * 33cm 100 Pieces, M 60 * 45cm 50 Pieces, L 60 * 60cm 40 Pieces, XL 90 * 60cm 20 Pieces 

    $30.73 - $39.38

  • Pet Summer Portable Ice Silk Cooling Pad

    Pet Summer Portable Ice Silk Cooling Pad

    Overview:1. This mat can train dogs to learn to positioned defecation 2. Adopting the high-quality material, it can absorb the urine quickly, not easy to leak back. 3. Anti slid bottom can prevent the dogs from moving the pad because of any activities. 4. Use of the TPU to fix the bottom, the bottom is waterproof strongly, supporting machine wash. 5. It is recycled to use and is an environmental protection mat, can accompany dogs from infancy to adulthood. Specifications: Product name: Contact cooling mat Material: Nylon cold feeling yarn+filled cotton+breathable mesh clothColor: Blue edging, pink edging, brown, light blue, graySpecifications:  S (50*40cm), M (60*50cm), L (70*55cm), XL (100*70cm), 2XL (150*100cm), XS (40*30cm) Package Content:1*Pet pad

    $5.60 - $39.25

  • Pet Dog Cat Heat Insulation Self Heating Sleeping Pad Soft

    Pet Dog Cat Heat Insulation Self Heating Sleeping Pad Soft Fleece Rug Blanket Bed For Puppy Dog Kitten Sofa Cushion Home Mat

    Overview:1. Warmth: This warm pillow is designed with multiple layers of functional fabrics, and the insulating and insulating layer in the middle plays the role of heat reflection, allowing pets to keep the temperature in winter2. Comfort: the surface layer is soft velor, and the middle is filled with cotton.3. Anti-slip: The non-slip bottom design makes it difficult for pets to move the mat4. Waterproof: The middle barrier insulation layer not only keeps warm but also prevents accidental leakage of pet urine to the ground5.Machine washable: machine washable, easy to clean6. A practical and multifunctional winter heating mat, which can be placed directly on the floor, on the car, or in the dog cage, or on the outdoor grass, so that your pet can get the best care and experience a warm winter Note:1. Please allow 1-3cm differences due to manual measurement and 3-5g for the difference between different colors.2. Due to the screen difference, the color maybe a little different from what you expect, please allow it.3.100cm = 0.39 " Specification:Material: nylonPattern: plainColor: 2 colors: brown, grayMaterial: nylonType: CarpetCleaning type: machine washableFeatures: suitable for travel / removable and washablePlace of Origin: China (Origin)Size: 4 sizes: SML XLCut:S: 61 * 46 * 0.9CM / 24.01 * 18.11 * 0.35 "M: 72 * 48.5 * 0.9CM / 28.34 * 18.89 * 0.35 "L: 92 * 62 * 0.9CM / 36.22 * 24.40 * 0.35 "XL: 110 * 70 * 0.9CM / 43.30 * 27.55 * 0.35 " Package Content: 1 x Pet Mat

    $12.70 - $37.35

  • Pet Car Seat Cushion - Black

    Pet Car Seat Cushion

    Overview:1. Excellent design with visual net windows-The dog seat cover with net windows can provide your pet dog with better air circulation, and help your pet dog to reduce anxiety and stay calm when traveling.2. Durable waterproof material-made of 600D Oxford cloth, TPU coating, hot pressing process, no stitching, all guarantee 100% waterproof. Don't worry about urine stains, dirt, hair, etc. In addition, the top cover and side cover can protect your car from scratches. After camping outdoors, the dog fell on the back seat covered with dew and dust, and did not need to clean the car. Just machine wash the animal's seat cover, it's that simple!3. Anti-skid safety-Our pet seat cover has an anti-skid surface to prevent your dog from slipping when you step on the brake. The integrated anti-skid support and seat retainer prevent the seat cover from sliding. Integrated Velcro opening for seat belts. All of this is to ensure the safety of your dog.4. Excellent size pet seat cup cover-size (143x153cm) can protect your back seat very well, pet back seat cover is suitable for most cars, trucks and SUVs. Product information:Suitable for pets: Suitable for medium and large dogs.Product material: 600D Oxford cloth + pp cotton + polyester cloth + non-slip net + PVC waterproof coatingApplicable models: Suitable for all models, generally suitable for small cars, the seat spacing is slightly wider, and the narrower can be adjusted by a lanyard, so don’t worry.This car mat is an upgraded version with zippers on both sides for easy access to the car;The independent car safety buckle can be fixed to the dog. Will not run around, there are hooks, easy to fix;Adjustable socket, easy to adjust the length of the strap, 600D oxford fabric, anti-planing, dirt-resistant, easy to clean! ! Size:Single size: 137*147cmSingle package size: 35*28*8cm Packing list: 1*Pet car rear seat cushion

    $34.20 - $49.95

  • Leak-proof Pet Urine Pad

    Leak-proof Pet Urine Pad

    Overview:100% brand newWashable pet puppies, old dogs, pet changing mats, soft bitches, menstrual period cushions Features:1. Microfiber/Waterproof membrane/Polar thread2. Waterproof test, no water leakage3. Black edging4. Washable, suitable for pet production, menstrual period or cub period Product information:Material: superfine fiber/waterproof membrane/polar fleeceProduct Category: Pet MatColor: dark blue, dark green, brown, purple Size: M (80×60CM), L (100C×80CM Packing list:Pet mat*1

    $35.00 - $43.95

  • Dog Urine Pad Absorbent Pad Diaper

    Dog Urine Pad Absorbent Pad Diaper

    Overview:- Low carbon environmental protection, recycling- Machine washable, high durability- Machine washable, high durability- Non-slip bottom, TPU waterproof Specification:Material: cotton BK cloth + non-slip clothSize:S: 60*45*1.5cm, M: 67*50*2.5cm, L:100*67*4.5cmWeight: S: 190g, M: 230g, L:330gProduct Category: Diaper pad / diaperColor: gray, beige Package Content:1 x Changing pad

    $21.05 - $36.05

  • Dog urine pad absorbent pad

    Dog urine pad absorbent pad

    Item No .: M65 * 50cm, L100 * 72cm Material: PolyesterSpecifications: black, gray, blue, khaki, yellowApplicable objects: dogPacking quantity (piece) fabric-recyclableProduct Category: Diaper pad / diaperSize: M, L

    $22.32 - $37.37

  • Dog Urine Pad 100 Bamboo Charcoal Absorbent Pad Thickened

    Dog Urine Pad 100 Bamboo Charcoal Absorbent Pad Thickened

    Product Information: Colour: BlackMaterial: Hydrophilic non-woven fabric, carbon toilet paperProduct size S (33* 45cm) /M (45* 60cm) L(60*60cm)/ XL(60*90cm)Size InformationS M L PackageDiapers *1


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